April 27, 2009


Never saw this one! I’d cover my eyes for the first few minutes if I were you, unless you really want to see what a sex change operation looks like…”as natural as can be!”

I have been doing three things this past week:

  1. Watching South Park
  2. Drinking sparkling water
  3. Updating Twitter.

Also clumsily doing lighting design, working on the web series, and a film shoot in a couple weeks. I’ll put up a new video blog soon(ish), hopefully after I get my new glasses so I’ll look super nerdy (aka hot!) 🙂



April 17, 2009

So I know I promised I’d start video blogging on my juice fast…unfortunately my juice fast is now OVER.

We kicked the bucket two days into the thing. I mean, seriously…JUICE for ten days. No food. Water. (And you’re SUPPOSED to give yourself an enema everyday…like that was ever going to happen.) BUT I did happen to receive some amazing insight into sparkling water…which I impart with you in my FIRST EVER VIDEO BLOG!!! (and the crowd goes wild). Enjoy, comment, and I’ll update again asap!



April 12, 2009

Hey all…

Short update before bed. My mom and I are doing a 10 day juice fast starting Monday (cause there’s no way I ‘m missing Easter feasting). Clean out the pipes and toxins and basically drive ourselves insane. BUT I thought on my part, it’d be great and helpful if I blogged everyday about it. And I’ve decided to do a video blog of my progress! So check back daily for updates on my slow descent into insanity…

Other noteworthys…

  • Got a lead role in Reel Buckeyes’ film project! Very exciting, to be shot early May.
  • Waiting on the cast list for the Undergrad Sandbox, which goes up Monday.
  • First official meeting for my web series is next Saturday!

A little something…

April 6, 2009

From me to you. 🙂

Thought I’d give an update into the life of moi, let all know all going on in my world, what was up with the site, etc. etc.

Video blog will be up SOON. I’m still in the planning stages, coming up with a concept and all that. So soon actually means probably a month, maybe two. But I’ll be posting fun things (like my Sexy Nerd girls blog) til then, and after then of course.

Life has been crazy insane since spring quarter started up at OSU. I just wrapped a video shoot for “The Other Men in Black” which is a film on the history of the Hasidic Jew movement. And yea I’m definitely not past finding Men in Black and Jews parallels extremely amusing. I was a PA- aka a film crew bitch. (Got water, took out trash, etc.) But seeing our very stressed out director Max run off set for a minute, come up to us and say “I’m making movies…I’m making movies…this is cool and TOTALLY worth it,” in a shrill, stressed out voice before running back into the hellfire completely made it worthwhile.

Have a couple more projects coming up…one with Reel Buckeye, where I will either be cast or crew (auditions Monday). Another audition for an undergrad one act festival is Thursday. I’m also potentially co-writing a feature with a fellow screenwriter, Jeff, I took a class with last quarter. AND I am in the works of creating a web series (YAY!) based on a girl who is trying to get famous through the internet. Kitchy, no?

So let’s briefly talk about something that I’m in the mood to talk about, mostly because my belly is full of it at the moment: sushi. Sushi is, apparently, one of the ultimate sexy nerd foods. I’m guessing this is for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it’s one of the most popularly distributed foreign foods. Foreign food (Indian, Mediterranean, Pan Asian, blah blah) is extremely trendy in the nerd set.


Sushi is also small and (usually) bite-size. Easily poppable in the mouth with the use of chopsticks. That is unless you get the Volcano roll, which is exactly how it sounds…in shape and spice.

And of course, the final sushi to nerd coolness ratio is the flavorocity of the food in general. Spicy, sweet, tangy, meaty, salty, etc. etc., the options are endless. Sushi is a veritable buffet of flavors, which means instant food connoisseurship for the taster.

Thus, short story long…sushi = ultimate awesome nerd food. Bonne appetit and til next time!


Sexy Nerds of 2009.00

March 31, 2009

Hello all! As promished, I am kicking off my blog with a countdown of some of my all-time favorite sexy nerds. These women define what it means to be smart, quirky, and incredibly hot all at once. They project strong, positive role models to the public, and emphasize that being a geek and loving it isn’t only okay, it’s amazing.


10. Jewel Staite:

Coming in at number 10 is the adorably geeky Jewel Staite. If her space-age time on “Battlestar Galactica,” as well as the cult classics “Firefly” and adapted film “Serenity” don’t give her due credentials, the girl has a history of going for the final frontier. She got her start on the kids’ Nickelodeon 90’s series “Space Cases,” playing an alien with an imaginary friend. She also starred with Ben Foster “who played Archangel in ‘X3: The Last Stand’ on the popular 90’s Disney show “Flash Forward.” This space cadet cutie just had to be on our list!


    9. Alexis Bledel :

    When she’s not being classically beautiful, with that old Hollywood Audrey Hepburn softness, Bledel is paving the way for nerds everywhere. She started off starring alongside Lauren Graham on the CW’s “Gilmore Girls” playing Rory; the quiet, quirky bookworm who made reading very, very sexy. She also played shy, artsy Lena in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” and has since joined the cast of “ER” in the final season. On top of her amazingly brainy characters, Bledel attended NYU’S Tisch School of the Arts, has AMAZING music tastes (Radiohead, Incubus, and Less than Jake are among her favorites), and was an extra in the uber-nerd film of this generation, “Rushmore.


    • 8. Kate Beckinsale :
    • A countdown wouldn’t be complete without our vampire sexpot, Kate Beckinsale. While “Twilight” may have grossed bajillions in the box office, “Underworld” grossed over 5 million at its release, not bad for a vampire movies “that is, when vampire movies aren’t a pre-teen trendy money factory.” Kate also co-starred with hunky Hugh Jackman (who ALSO had his own nerd creds as Wolverine) in “Van Helsing.” Our bloodsucking queen is also a smarty pants; she attended Oxford University and is fluent in French, German and Russian. I imagine that makes her smarter than Bella Swan…

    danica-mckellarx-large17. Danica McKellar:

    America’s sweetheart of the VERY early 90’s (pre-Topana Lawrence) was Winnie Cooper, aka Danica McKellar of “The Wonder Years.” McKellar vanished from the limelight for almost twenty years before resurfacing as a published author of “Math Doesn’t Suck.” The woman is a powerhouse: filmmaker, actress, lingerie model…she graduated from UCLA with a BS in Mathematics, and even proved a new math theorem, the Chayes-McKellar-Winn Theorem. And after almost two decades, the girl still looks gorgeous. Maybe if she’d been MY math teacher, I wouldn’t think that math sucked.

    mila-kunis6. Mila Kunis

    Ukrainian-born Mila Kunis is hands-down one of the sexiest chicks in Hollywood today. But her love of World of Warcraft, her role as Meg on “Family Guy” and her frequent appearances on Comedy Central’s “Robot Chicken” make her a must-have on this list. Not to mention her role in adapted graphic novel “Max Payne” where she learned to shoot a gun. There’s nothing sexier than a nerd with a firearm.


    5. Thora Birch

    When I look at Thora Birch, I still see the precocious little Danny from “Hocus Pocus.” Although seeing Thora get nude in “American Beauty” can kind put the term hocus pocus in a whole new light. That cult classic role, plus her myriad of roles in independent films and her vegetarian advocacy, gives her a spot on the list. Plus, the girl played Empress Savina in “Dungeons and Dragons.” I mean, if that doesn’t seal the deal…

    feliciaday4. Felicia Day

    What can I say about Felicia Day? Other than amazingly gorgeous, brilliant, adorably quirky, and overall awesome? That probably sums it up. Day started off with an assortment of small roles, including a spot as a potential slayer on the last season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Since, she has become an internet powerhouse; starring in “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” “The Legend of Neil,” and her own created internet show “The Guild.” Day is writer, director, and actor, as well as an avid blogger and Twitterer. On top of everything, the girl got a BA in mathematics from the University of Texas. It’d be an insult not to put her on this countdown.

    anna-paquin-xmen3-rogue13. Anna Paquin

    Paquin defined this generation’s sexy superhero as Rogue in the X-Men trilogy. Now she’s playing psychic/waitress Sookie Stackhouse in HBO’s “True Blood.” A gorgeous tribute to fantasy lovers everywhere, the youngest-ever Oscar winner also attended Columbia University, and had childhood dreams of becoming the Prime Minister of New Zealand. I don’t know who the Prime Minister is now, but I’m pretty sure sexy nerd Anna is far more qualified to fill those shoes.

    alyson-hannigan-wispy-bangs 2. Alyson Hannigan

    Just look at Alyson Hannigan. The girl defines nerd (and I mean that in the most flattering way possible). A sexy, adorably cute redhead with a quirky sense of humor, the girl pretty much defines what it means to be a sexy nerd. She played a bookworm-turned-hot lesbian wicca in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” as well as the role of nymphomaniac band geek Michelle in “American Pie.” She majored in Psychology at California State University, and is married to “Buffy” co-star Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndam-Price on both ‘Buffy’ and its spinoff ‘Angel’), who was named number 2 on the sexiest men in the Buffyverse list. An inspiration to aspiring sexy nerds everywhere, we bow down to thee, Alyson.

    eliza_dushku1. Eliza Dushku

    Rolling in at number one on the countdown is our newest inductee into the sexy nerds coven, Eliza Dushku. Dusku is a rising star in the cult art of the hot geek. She built up her creds as the bad slayer on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and has now rejoined Joss Whedon on the new smash hit show “Dollhouse,” where she plays a girl whose mind has been erased and re-programmed to be the perfect woman to any high-paying client of the business known as the Dollhouse. She’ll also be starring in the upcoming horror flick “Open Graves.” In my opinion, Dushku only has more incredibly nerdy roles to come (can anyone else see her reprising Wonder Woman?)


    Revenge of the Nerdette

    March 30, 2009

    Greetings, salutations, and a Fonzie “Ayyyyy” to ya. This is my blog, if you’re a complete retard and haven’t put the html coding together. It’s a little sad right now, I know. No pictures, no cool videos, no amazing turns of a witty phrase. This is just me saying hey and a brief description of what we’ll be doing here on our blogging journey together. Sound good? Alright, let’s proceed then, traveler.

    Basically this’ll be both a display of my awesomeness and of the wide world of nerdery. As an “amateur” filmmaker, I’ll post video blogs, new music when I come across it, and various other amazingly geeky things, either about my own life or society at large. Sound like fun? Well of course it does, I’m involved.

    So, a little about me. I’m a 21-year-old college student at OSU at the moment, majoring in Theater and Media Production (aka a Life in a Box major). I’m also a lifeguard (not so nerdy, actually), a gamer (the ESSENCE of nerd), and a lover of music, movies, comics and books.

    Other randomly amazing things, in no specific order:

    • Starbucks
    • Macs (and yes I plow WoW on a Mac…and yes I blow at PvP)
    • Food that is NOT FDA approved
    • Joss Whedon (if you don’t already know, he’s the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly/Serenity, and the currently on-air and completely AMAZING show “Dollhouse.” If you didn’t know all that already, please go jump off a cliff, then buy the DVDs and watch “Dollhouse” after you get out of your body cast)
    • Muse (my current musical obsession)

    So, now that you’ve got a snippet of me, stay tuned for more! Since this IS called Sexy Nerd, I’ll be focusing on the hows and whys behind being said SN. That said, my next blog will be focused on the top 10 Sexiest Nerdy Girls. Stay tuned and comment lots!

    B-) Alex


    Hello world!

    March 30, 2009

    Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!