A little something…

April 6, 2009

From me to you. 🙂

Thought I’d give an update into the life of moi, let all know all going on in my world, what was up with the site, etc. etc.

Video blog will be up SOON. I’m still in the planning stages, coming up with a concept and all that. So soon actually means probably a month, maybe two. But I’ll be posting fun things (like my Sexy Nerd girls blog) til then, and after then of course.

Life has been crazy insane since spring quarter started up at OSU. I just wrapped a video shoot for “The Other Men in Black” which is a film on the history of the Hasidic Jew movement. And yea I’m definitely not past finding Men in Black and Jews parallels extremely amusing. I was a PA- aka a film crew bitch. (Got water, took out trash, etc.) But seeing our very stressed out director Max run off set for a minute, come up to us and say “I’m making movies…I’m making movies…this is cool and TOTALLY worth it,” in a shrill, stressed out voice before running back into the hellfire completely made it worthwhile.

Have a couple more projects coming up…one with Reel Buckeye, where I will either be cast or crew (auditions Monday). Another audition for an undergrad one act festival is Thursday. I’m also potentially co-writing a feature with a fellow screenwriter, Jeff, I took a class with last quarter. AND I am in the works of creating a web series (YAY!) based on a girl who is trying to get famous through the internet. Kitchy, no?

So let’s briefly talk about something that I’m in the mood to talk about, mostly because my belly is full of it at the moment: sushi. Sushi is, apparently, one of the ultimate sexy nerd foods. I’m guessing this is for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it’s one of the most popularly distributed foreign foods. Foreign food (Indian, Mediterranean, Pan Asian, blah blah) is extremely trendy in the nerd set.


Sushi is also small and (usually) bite-size. Easily poppable in the mouth with the use of chopsticks. That is unless you get the Volcano roll, which is exactly how it sounds…in shape and spice.

And of course, the final sushi to nerd coolness ratio is the flavorocity of the food in general. Spicy, sweet, tangy, meaty, salty, etc. etc., the options are endless. Sushi is a veritable buffet of flavors, which means instant food connoisseurship for the taster.

Thus, short story long…sushi = ultimate awesome nerd food. Bonne appetit and til next time!


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